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The Other Side of Calvinism, 800 pages, hardcover, $29.95Archaic Words and the Authorized Version, 648 pages, hardcover, $29.95The Angel of the Lord, 128 pages, paperback, $8.95Double Jeopardy: The New American Standard Bible Update, 319 pages, paperback, $9.95A Practical Grammar of Basic Biblical Hebrew, 134 pages, ringbound, $12.95The Myth of the Just Price, 31 pages, booklet, $5.95Guide to Pronouns in the Greek New Testament, 36 pages, booklet, $5.95The Revolution that Wasn't, 36 pages, booklet, $5.95Rethinking the Good War, 36 pages, booklet, $5.95The Quatercentenary of the King James Bible, 31 pages, booklet, $5.95War, Christianity, and the State, 416 pages, paperback, $19.95The Making of the King James BibleŚNew Testament, 288 pages, paperback, $16.95

War, Empire, and the Military, 528 pages, paperback, $21.95The War on Drugs Is a War on Freedom, 119 pages, paperback, $9.95A Brief History of English Bible Translations, 127 pages, paperback, $8.95, out of printChristianity and War and Other Essays Against the Warfare State, 432 pages, paperback, $19.95Greek Verbs in the New Testament and Their Principal Parts, 236 pages, lay-flat paperback, $14.95King James, His Bible and Its Translators, 384 pages, paperback, $19.95War, Foreign Policy, and the Church, 32 pages, booklet, $3.95Guide to Prepositions in the Greek New Testament, 31 pages, booklet, $5.95Guide to Adjectives in the Greek New Testament, 32 pages, booklet, $5.95Guide to Nouns in the Greek New Testament, 30 pages, booklet, $5.95Galatians 1 & 2: Exposition, Commentary, Application, 168 pages, paperback, $9.95 Social Insecurity, 40 pages, booklet, $5.95

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The Classic Reprints series now has 167 titles

                             The Classic Reprints Series Now Has 167 Titles

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